God has uniquely equipped every person in the church with specific skills and gifts. As believers, we have a responsibility to utilize these gifts in our community and within our church. Using your God-given skills as a volunteer in ministry is great way to show the love of Jesus Christ to those who come to TWC. At TWC, our volunteers are called The Dream Team. Our Dream Team is the lifeblood of our ministry.

Here’s a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities here at TWC:

Areas of Service

Administrative Team

This team provides support to Dream Team ministry groups, ensuring guests are connected to the Church and to the team.

Collections & Communion

This team is an honorable and trustworthy group that is responsible for collecting and securing tithes and offerings at each service. They also provide communion during scheduled communion services.

Café/Bookstore/Media Sales

This team serves in our Hebrews Café and helps to provide quality service, products, and resources that will enable believers to further their study and understanding of God’s Word and the biblical aspects of daily living.

Call Center

This team makes calls throughout the week to pray for and respond to the needs of individuals who complete connect cards.

Community Outreach-Street Team

This team provides assistance to those in need, spreads the love of Christ, and provides information about TWC throughout communities.

Dream Team Recruitment-Next Steps

This team encourages people to join the Dream Team and assists them in continuing the process of spiritual growth.

Dream Team Serve

This team faithfully serves to host our very own Dream Team members by providing refreshments, prayer, and encouragement during services and special events.

Parking Team

This fun and enjoyable team is truly the first impression of TWC! If you enjoy the great outdoors, driving golf carts, and instructing people where to go, this is the team for you!

Photography Team

This team helps create TWC memories by capturing the moments of all of our missions efforts and special events.

Prayer Team

This team of trained intercessors covers the worship services in prayer, preparing the way for the Lord. Join this team that is blazing the trail for God in our city!

Prison Ministry

This team carries the love and Gospel of Jesus to those in area prisons and correctional facilities.


This team helps to create a safe and peaceful environment for people to worship and fellowship.

Setup-Takedown Team

This team facilitates the TWC experience at all of our special events by setting up before each event and taking down after the event.

Small Group Leadership

We believe that real life change takes place in the context of relationships. As a Small Group Leader, you have the greatest opportunity to connect with others, fulfill your passions, develop your gifts, and live out the Great Commission.

Special Events Team

This team creates and sustain a warm, family atmosphere of love for our members and guests at all special events and at regular scheduled services when needed.

Fuzion Youth

Join the team that is building the next generation, one dynamic worship experience, relevant Small Group, impactful retreat, and life-changing mission work at a time!


This friendly team loves people and makes them feel at home here at TWC. They welcome guests with a smile, encouragement, and personal touch so that hearts are open to the Gospel message.

Growth Track Team

As the official hosts of our Growth Track, this team greets guests as well as provides materials and assistance throughout our four classes.

HY-PHEN Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry, HY-PHEN, is the space after High School moving into the next phase of life. The Young Adult Ministry are for those ages 18-30. 

We exist to:

  • Connect Young Adults to the One true living God and grow their relationship with Him
  • Connect Young Adults to God’s Will and Purpose for their lives
  • Connect Young Adults to Serve in the Kingdom of God
  • Connect Young Adults to each other to build community

Medical First Responders

This unit of health care providers serves to triage basic medical attention to our members and guests in the event of an accident or emergency at TWC.

Online Campus

This team communicates online with family and guests of TWC from around the world. This team also encourages, prays for, and builds relationships with those who connect via our online church.

Technical Arts

Bring your creativity and tech savvy to this team that reaches thousands by delivering the Word and worship through camera, lighting, and other technical elements.

TWC Kids

This team creates an environment where children are consistently exposed to the real love of Jesus. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through worship, videos, skits, small groups, greeting, games and more.


This team of individuals prepare people for a positive worship experience by welcoming and assisting them to a seat, facilitating the offering, and maintaining a distraction-free environment.

Welcome Center

This team connects guests to the Church community by providing resources and information on all of our current events, ministry opportunities, and services at TWC.


Through vocals, dance, drama, instruments, or audio engineering, this dynamic team prepares the way for our members and guests to encounter the presence of the living God.

Take the next step in joining the Dream Team by getting started on the Growth Track. The Growth Track is designed to equip you to live life as a fully-devoted follower of Christ—from learning the essentials of our faith to discovering and fulfilling your God-given purpose.

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