Summer Semester of Small Group

June 13 – July 25

This summer, let’s do something a little different. There’s no need to register or join a Small Group. Let’s all commit to our God-given assignment to GET CLOSER to God.

How are we going to do this?

By diving into our SOAP Devotional.

We are asking everyone connected to TWC to begin doing your SOAP Devotional daily on Sunday, June 13 (some of you are already doing it so keep up the good work!). This is our way of developing a closer, more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. As we spend time in His Word daily, the residual effect will be the drawing of our spirits which will result in a transformation of our souls.

But don’t do it alone!

Gather your family/friends weekly to discuss what God is saying through the SOAP Devotional.
The Secret Place is a great resource that will guide you through the SOAP Devotional process as well as provide questions for your family to ponder each week and space to journal what God is speaking to your heart. Don’t forget our assignment is to GET CLOSER to God and His people.

Will you commit to studying the Word of God daily this summer with family/friends in an effort to GET CLOSER to God and His people?

Click the button below if we can COUNT YOU IN.

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