The unexpected challenges of 2020 have caused many of us to “drift” away from the things that we know provide stability and direction in our lives. Social distancing has caused us to drift away from the people we love, those who often hold us accountable. What is apparent from the division in our nation is that many people have drifted away from the precepts of scripture. The inability to gather in a physical building on Sundays has caused some of us to drift away from our normal faith routines. As we drift farther and farther away, the enemy rejoices and wages war in our lives and our nation. But in 2021, God is calling us to GET CLOSER. We must GET CLOSER by abiding in Him through prayer, daily devotion time, journaling, and fasting. We must GET CLOSER by living according to His Word, forgiving those who hurt us, and loving our neighbor as ourselves. We must GET CLOSER by intentionally being in community with other believers.


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