The greatest expression of love is giving. John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave …” TWC follows the biblical mandate of tithing and gives 10% of its annual income to its Mission Partners. In the last 14 years, we have given over $34 Million to ministry. That’s how important it is for us to operate according to the Word of God.

Thank you for giving to God through TWC.

Financial Accountability

Ministry is what we do. We intentionally focus our efforts on Honoring God, Unifying Communities, and Building People. Here’s how all the funds that come to TWC are allocated…


Operations and Administrative



An independent audit of TWC’s financial operations is

conducted annually by Stanfield & Odell (Tulsa, OK).

Ways To Give


Quick, easy, and secure. Whether you would like to give a single gift or schedule a recurring contribution, you can do it all from your device.


Text the Dollar Amount (Space) TWC (Space) Tithe or Offering to 45888.  Keywords include: Tithe, Offering, goforit, and Love.


Give through our official TWC Mobile App.  Just click the link below to download.


Mail your Envelope to our Administrative Office or complete one at each campus.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Online Giving

· Click “GIVE NOW” at the top of this page. A screen will populate asking you to select your Campus.

· Click on the Campus you attend (*Anniston, Bessemer, Derby, or Online). You are now ready to give. ***Please have your credit/debit card or bank account information available.

· Under Choose a Designation, select what contribution type you are giving (ex. Tithe, Offering, for “Heart for the House,” select “Vision”).

· Next enter the amount you are giving.

· If you would like to give to a second contribution type select + ADD DONATION, if not move to the next step.

· Under the section I’d Like to Give By, choose which method you will be using:
° For a credit or debit card, select “credit card”
° To use your bank account, select “bank account.” Please have your account number and routing number available.

· Enter your name and card or bank account information.

· Complete the Billing information. **Please be sure to enter an email address. This is where you will receive confirmation of your giving.

· Click “Submit”. You will be taken to a “Thank You” page that confirms that your giving is complete.

· After your giving is processed, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided.

Tithing Confession

Lord, we give now, out of our faith, obedience and trust in You.

You own everything; all that we have and will ever have comes from you.
(Psalm 24:1, 50:10-12)

You promised, if we put You first, You will take care of all of our needs.
(Matthew 6:33)

You are our number one priority; we will not treat banks, bills and other things better than we treat You. (Malachi 1:7-8)

You promised that if we tithe and give, You will bless us beyond measure, and give back to us far more than we give to You.
(Malachi 3:10; 2 Corinthians 9:10)

So today we give, expecting your will and blessings to permeate every area of our lives for your Glory! (Deuteronomy 14:1-14)


In Jesus’ Name! Amen

Hear From Others How God Has Honored Their Tithe

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“I have been a member this March 2017. I came to the worship center just to come and I found out that TWC did prison ministry and that’s what I wanted to do but also I want to become a licensed minister. I read the brochure and it said I had to be a tither. I frowned at it but that ain’t TWC that’s Bible, so I started praying about it and I said I will start with 2.5% and work my way up to 10% but as I continued to come to church  I would hear you say things like trusting God is trusting in his timing also. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want 2.5% of a blessing I want the whole blessing so I decided to start with the 10% and God immediately opened doors. I was low on money one day and was looking in my car console to get my TWC cd and I seen a bank envelope that I never noticed before. It had $50 in there that had a withdrawal slip in it from last year in June. I was asking for a blessing and it had been riding with me for a year lol God provides. The next thing that happened was Holy Spirit reminded my wife and I of an investment that I could cash in so I got the check and it was biggest amount I have ever put in church but I was excited to be obedient and trust in God to continue to make ways for me rather I have to work for it or I find money etc… whatever I have to do I will depend and trust in Him. I have been at worship center since March 2017 and I’m in a small group, serving with the prison ministry and I have given over $700 since March. To some this is nothing but to me I NEVER have given this amount to Church/God. So TWC has been a blessing to me the anointing has rubbed off on me. I don’t wanna brag I just wanna continue to be obedient and serve. Thank you…”

“I have to share this exciting news with you! The sermon this past Sunday was especially for me. Lately, my wife and I have been having some issues in our marriage but we are not ready to give up. We both decided that we were going to dive back into our faith and rededicate ourselves back to our marriage. We did the recommitment ceremony a few weeks ago and we left with a new found purpose for our marriage… After the sermon Sunday I told my wife that I wanted us to start tithing consistently and we signed up for the 90 day tithing challenge. By me being the only one working it’s sometimes can be extremely hard and stressful trying to keep up with everything financial. But I told her that if we were going to get back into our faith then I wanted to try my best to do everything and tithing was one of them. For some time now I have been trying to get an increase for my military disability compensation and I filed my claim back in December. I had an estimated completion date of March 13th. Well the 13th came and went with no decision made by the VA on my claim. After speaking with someone I was told that the workload was extremely heavy and they were not sure of the completion date. I tried not to worry about it but naturally it did affect me negatively. Yesterday morning I checked my account and see that u had got paid and the first thing I did was calculated our tithes and paid on the app. Well on my way home I was just praying and asking God for an increase in our finances because we are believing God for so much and we are ready to receive our blessing. When o got home last night my wife asked did I check the VA? I told her i didn’t and was going to wait until next week to check it. But something told me to go ahead and check it just in case. Once I logged in I saw that my claim was closed. I immediately got nervous and told my wife to click the disability tab and that will let me know if I got an increase in benefits. After checking it, my rating went from 60% to 80% which is a difference of an extra $657.93 a month. Not only that, they have to back pay me from the date I filed which is a total of $1700 that will hit my account anyday now. We immediately jumped up yelling and screaming. Even the kids joined in even though they had no idea they just thought it was fun to do. We literally just started the tithing challenge yesterday and with what I paid could’ve definitely went towards something else but I held true to my word and got our blessing immediately. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for is in the future. Thank you for your sermon Sunday. It was definitely needed!!!”

“I just really wanted to take the time out to thank you for such a wonderful message on Sunday ! The reason why this message touched me sooooo much , is because I have been dealing with paying my tithes, I always said I’ll start this year, or after I pay my credit cards off it seem to always be an excuse . So my promise to God will be in 2017, I’m going to start paying my tithes, and I have started. But, this month I’ve been having this issue and I was sitting I church talking to my aunt about it. So long story short is we get a bonus at the end of March and this is the only bonus my company gives, so my plan was not to tithe my bonus. In my head I’m saying “God know where my heart is, and I’m going to pay off my credit cards and then ill be rolling”. But that very same day I told me aunt about it she stated that she was listening to pastor Daryl L Warren , pastor at st. James baptist church, and he stated DEBT stands for Doing Everything Buy Tithing. Then the very next week on Sunday, you came with this wonderful message ! I have decided that I am going to put God first, and tithe my bonus, because I know he will make a way ! I might not be able to pay my credit cards off as quickly as I want but I know by putting him first, it’s going to happen!   I have joined the 90 days tithe challenge and I also signed up for the Financial class this Saturday .  I just want to thank you again !”

“I never trusted GOD with my finances until I didn’t have any. I started tithing in the midst of my unemployment and I watched HIM make my two pieces of fish and my 5 loaves of bread be enough to maintain a household of 3 for almost two months. This is my testimony. Today I “officially” started my career with an amazing law firm who saw my value and potential when others didn’t. And TODAY, ON MY FIRST DAY, the firm gave me a Christmas bonus of $1200!!!!!!!!!!!! That is almost double what I’ve tithed since August! I’m so incredibly happy and beyond grateful for what GOD is doing in my life. HE took it. HE blessed it. HE broke it. HE gave it!!! I encourage everyone to take the tithing challenge and trust THE LORD! It took me 13 years of membership to finally step out on faith and I will NEVER doubt again!”

“I’m sitting here watching 8am service when Bishop Van spoke of receiving a hundred fold blessing from God. I’ve made many attempts to send in my testimony, but following many distractions I’d yet to get it done. During this service I stopped and did as God instructed me to do.
December 31, 2019 during the Watchnight service God put it on me to sow a seed of $100. I knew in that moment I did not have it to give, BUT I did what God instructed. Before I hit the send button I bowed my head and said Lord if I am obedient to you I’m asking that you will return this seed one hundred fold…I’m trusting you Lord!

My 2019 was filled with numerous trials and tribulations, although God showed himself throughout. My son and I bought a home which was a blessing, but during the time we were under contract, my son had a seizure and was later diagnosed with epilepsy, he missed numerous days of school and I missed numerous days from work. In December I had not received a full check since September, not long after purchasing our new home. I’m a single parent and the only person I had to depend on was myself; therefore, I was forced to use my credit cards as a financial resource to make up for the time I was missing from work.

In January God spoke to me again, this time he told me to go part time at work so that I can be available for myself and my son during this time. I said God, you do know I just bought a house right?! He dealt with me and I MOVED! I was afraid and fearful, but i did it because I know God has always taken care of me and I knew that my son needed me and I also needed him. To this day, I haven’t once regretted making these moves.

I trusted God to give me one hundred fold from the seed I’d sown but I expected to see it over increase in pay or somehow throughout the year. One March 5, 2020 I attended a meeting that had been set earlier that week. During this meeting I was presented a payment and after reviewing the numbers I realized I’d reaped MORE THAN one hundred fold what I’d sown. God did it sooner than I’d thought imagined or even expected.

Be encouraged TWC, be faithful trust God and when God says move please do not be afraid, TRUST HIM AND MOVE!!! My credit cards are paid in full and my son and I now have savings and we were still able to tithe from this increase. We serve a faithful God and I would not be a faithful servant if I didn’t share my testimony TODAY!

I have included pictures because I know that we so often hear it, but some need to see it! I hope this is helpful to someone this morning.
God bless!”

“In December of last year, I began to pray that the Lord would give me a financial blessing that would allow me to pay off my $3500 credit cards debt. I begin to pray that I would only charge on them in case of an emergency.

I have been a faithful tither for some years and more recently began to pay $20 a week offering for the Heart for the House ministry. I began claiming the scriptures that say “ Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us” (Eph. 3:20) and “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over will be poured into your lap” (Luke 6:38).

Well, on January 21st my van needed a new radiator and a new water pump (my van is 12 years old). Here I had been faithful not to use my cards during the month of Dec and the first part of Jan and NOW I had to open up another account to pay the $1078 repair bill! So PepBoys open up an account where I had a year to pay it off without interest. I was thankful for that but I began to pray “Lord, I am asking You to help me pay off my debt and now I am adding more debt. I need You Lord to provide me with a financial miracle and please help me not to become discouraged as You Lord work it out. Amen.”

So in February, I paid a $60 payment. When I got my statement in March, I noticed it said that my balance was no longer $1078 but $0 and it shown by $60 payment as a credit. So I waited to get April’s statement and it said the same thing!! So I called the Synchrony Bank (the bank PepBoys used to get the credit) and he told me that on February 17th, the account was paid in full!! They even sent me a check to refund the $60 payment that I had made.

I know for certain is that I did not pay this bill! In my human state of mind, I kept trying to figure out how and who paid off this balance but I reminded by Jackie that I should Accept My Blessing and Case Closed. So I am now thanking the Lord for answering my prayer for a financial miracle. I am thanking Him for being faithful to His Word. I am now praying that your faith will be encouraged as well.”


I accepted the 90-Day Tithing Challenge on February 18, 2020.  The first week, I received a $60.00, unexpected check.  A few days later, I received am $800.00 blessing and today I accepted a job that will pay me over $800.00 a month more than my current position. 

I cannot tell you how ecstatic and thankful to my Lord and Savior I am.    He has poured a tremendous blessing on me and I thank Him with all of my heart.  I do not know if I would have gotten this position, if it had not been for this challenge.  What I can tell you is that I have been applying for job after job, over the last 5 years, in hopes of making more money and my affords were futile. 

And then came the 90-Day Tithing Challenge.  It has been a blessing to my life.

My wife and I have been faithful tithers to the church for a number of years. We also have been trying to pay off our $160K student loan debt. Over the last couple of years, my wife, unbeknownst to me, when we would put the offering in the bucket at church, she would pray that God allow us to pay off our student loans before our son went to college in two years. During this time, God began to really bless us with bonuses from our jobs and with each bonus we tithed and gave offering. We also participated in the Heart of the House Campaign. In January 2020, my wife received an unexpected bonus from work. Again we tithed but we were also challenged to step up our offering. In discussing how much we should give for offering, my wife said we should do 10% of the debt. To which, I said wow but ok. We reasoned that we were going to trust God to get the last of the student loans paid off- $40,000 (we started the last two years owing $100K). Yes, we had the thought that by giving such a large offering in addition to the 10% tithe it would be less money we could throw at the debt—but felt like God was challenging us to give more—move beyond tithing. Acting on faith, we gave an offering of $4200 in mid-Jan plus a tithe.

In April at the height of the pandemic, we were blessed with another unexpected bonus from our job. Again, we tithed and gave an offering to Heart of the House. With this bonus, coupled with money we had saved up for our debt snowball, we were able to pay off our student loans in FULL at the beginning of May. God answered our prayers to get this debt paid and he supernaturally blessed it to be paid a whole year before my son goes to college! Through God’s blessings, we have been able to continue to not only give our general offering but also participate in the Heart of the House giving. Bishop we share this as a testimony that we can’t beat God giving. We must trust him not only with the tithe but also the offering.

I have completed my 90 Day Tithing Challenge and I wanted to share some of my experiences while doing this challenge. From the beginning of this challenge, God’s blessing started following me. Just after a couple of weeks of tithing, I went to the mailbox and there was a thirty dollar check from the doctor’s office. In the memo it read “refund.” The next week, I received my bill in the mail for my rent. I noticed it was about $70 dollars less than what it normally is. I called the rent office and asked if there had been a mistake on the bill. I was informed that I had a $70 credit on my account which was deducted from what I normally pay.

In the midst of all this, the COVID-19 pandemic came about. My full time hours were cut back to about 15 hours per week, but I tell you, God is so faithful. During this time when my hours were drastically reduced, God saw fit for me to still be paid for 40 hours a week, while only working 15. And no, I didn’t use any of my benefit time. God made the provision. GLORY TO GOD!!! I am so grateful for the financial blessings God has so graciously given me, but I am also so grateful that He has also protected me and my family during this pandemic. He has covered us and not allowed this virus to come near my home or my family’s home, just as He promised in His word.

Although, this challenge has come to an end, I have adopted a new lifestyle. I AM A FAITHFUL TITHER!!! I know that God has and will give more than I could ever give Him. I give God all the glory.

He is faithful!

I thank God because He is my Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keep, my Light in darkness, He is my everything. What a friend we have in Jesus!

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