There will always be a reason why something cannot be done.

You may be too tired. Not enough money in the bank. Your schedule is packed with meetings, mergers, and social events for both you and the kids. Maybe you’ve said “yes” to everyone…except God.

Stop pretending everything is ok when Everything Within You Wants More!

It’s Time To…Go For It!

  • Getting the degree; Go For It
  • Obtaining the Certification; Go For It
  • Opening the Business; Go For It
  • Living Debt Free; Go For It
  • Believing & Trusting God; Go For It
  • Owning a Home; Go For It
  • Living a Healthier Lifestyle; Go For It
  • Breaking Generational Curses; Go For It
  • Unapologetically Walking in Your Purpose; Go For It

John 10:10 says, “The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it in abundance.”

Are You Ready?

Now Is The Time.


Do your dreams scare you? If not, they are too small. You serve a BIG GOD and your dreams should match the size of your God. This year, you must GO FOR IT! And if you are going to GO FOR IT, you have to ignore the odds, unlearn your fears, and repent for small thinking.

What dream has God placed in your heart that you are now determined to…GO FOR IT?

Now Step Out! Believe God! And GO FOR IT!!!


  1. CeCe Pickett

    I have filed Chapter 7 three times and Chapter 13 twice in my almost 65 years of life. These filing’s came from helping my brother’s and sisters and of course my children…. I’ve never had more than $1,000 in my savings account, before something or someone needs it, for one reason or another… This May I will complete paying off my 2nd Chapter 13… my goals for 2022 is to learn how to say “NO” and stay out of debt… if the Lord holds true to his word, with giving us 3 score and 10 years of life, that means I only have 5 or 10 years to really get it RIGHT… I’ve had a wonderful life and God has never forsaken me….but I’ve decided to tithe consistently and give a seed offering NO MATTER WHAT!!! I’ve truly found out that it is a blessing when you’re obedient!!

  2. Angela Rudolph

    I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus, I praise and thank God for the man of God Bishop Moody ,you and your family, has been a light for such a time as this. I’m going to go for drawing closer to God,and listening for his voice,my sheep know my voice. Try to do what he has equipped to do to serve. In Jesus name. AMEN.

  3. Je'Von R.

    I pray that the Lord bless me with promotion at my job that this in turns increases my finances miraculously so that I am debt free and so that I may have a house this year in 2022. I pray the Lord does this in such a mind blowing experience so that all will know and see that it was only Him that did this. For I want him to get all the glory and honor for this. So that I can rejoice his name to all who sees this and say see this wasn’t me but it was all my God’s doing.

  4. Anonymous

    God I am believing you for the ability to hear your voice better and the FAITH to obey. And praying for my daughter’s protection of her mind, her purpose and her purity as she navigates high school and my mother’s complete and total healing.

  5. Michael Jackson

    Living a debt free life…by allowing God to finish paying my son’s tuition for the remainder of his schooling. Car paid off, credit cards paid off as well as personal loans. Also, believing God to put me in a better position to obtain a home of my own

  6. Andrea

    I am believing God for total healing of my health issues and restoration of mind and spirit

  7. Danelle Hinton

    On Dec 31, 2021 my job was terminated due to a merge/Buyout from two different banks. My prayer is that I will get clarification to stay in the banking business or go somewhere else. But I’m also praying that I will get better pay than what I was making from my previous job.

  8. Monecia

    I’m asking God to make me more like him. God remove fear and anxiety from me. I’m asking God for healing over me and my kids bodies. I’m praying for health, wealth and wisdom over my family. I’m asking God for a stronger marriage.

  9. Anonymous

    God I am praying for you to move in my marriage. To remove the stronghold the devil has on me and my resentment towards my spouse. let us seek you first in our marriage. God I seek you in direction for retirement. Please make the timing clear and provide what we’ll need to be good stewards of what you have given us.

  10. Krystle Manley

    God I am praying for so many things. Please give me wisdom and strength to be a good wife and mother. God help our family to become debt free, homeowners, and continue to bless us with amazing health. I am also praying that my husband and I pass a series of professional exams and you show us how to glorify your Kingdom with our gifts and talents.

  11. Patrick &Yvette Pleasant

    Dear Father God we pray that the Holy Spirit move mighty in our lives and our seeds Lives health and strength Prosperity and peace to my church family and keep a covering over my Bishop and his family in the name of Jesus Amen Amen & Amen

  12. Rosie Green

    Lord I pray for my family and I to have a closer relationship with you. I pray for healing and good health for the Green/Smith family. I pray to own my own home and be debt free in 2022. These things I pray in Jesus Name, Amen

  13. Yeshea Harden

    God, I pray that 2022 will bring me closer to you and that I may never stray away. I want to honor you in everything that I do. I pray that my spirit of discernment and ability to hear and follow your word will be strengthened. I pray that you will guide and elevate me in life and specifically in my career path. Thank you for my husband and children, and I pray and thank you for peace and protection over them. Lord, please cover and protect all of my family and friends from anything that is not from you. Thank you for the path you have created for me, and please help me to stay on track. I pray that your Will be done over my life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  14. Bridget G-Bradley

    Lord I thank you,and pray that you continue to walk with me daily. I pray that my Caregiving Business. One2Care, picks back up, and that you give me better insite on choosing the right Family situations to aid in. I also pray that you position the most compassion, positive and encouraging, employee Caregivers in One2Care,LLC.’s path. I ask that you continue in the strengthening of my marriage. raising of my newly 18 year old son, 32 year old, maturing, Daughter,and 4 grandchildren. I ask that you order my steps, Daily, in Positivity. Added Knowledge, Empowering Compassion, and Strength.

  15. Lynn

    God my prayer for these next 21 days are for me to be able to hear your voice clearly. I pray that you open up doors career wise that I will be in a career that allows me to work from home be happy and take care of all of my daughter’s financial needs. I ask for your protection over my family and I.I ask for peace in my coparenting and I lift my child’s father to you that he will be the best father for her and that he gives his life back to God. I’m expecting supernatural opportunities in the next 21 days that will make it clear that you are the only reason my prayers have come to pass.

  16. Ebony

    I am going for optometry school. I have been living in doubt about my ability to complete it for years due to a couple minor setbacks. I have also been given signs and opportunities that I have been ignoring due to my doubt.

  17. Janay

    Lord Jesus my prayer for the 21 days is that I get closer to you and that I am able to hear you clearly. Order my foot steps and guide me in everything I do, so that I am able to do your will Father God. Provide me the resources I need to do everything that needs to be done to my house and the resources to do everything I am asking for during this 21 day fast and in 2022. Erase all student loans I have Father God. In the mighty name Jesus. Amen!

  18. Anonymous

    Heavenly Father my prayer is to be able to hear your voice and know it distinctly from any other voice. I pray that you continue to shield and protect my family. Help me to live out my purpose that you have already shown me. Deliver me from the fears and anxiety that is hindering me to be all that you have called me to be and do. Bless my marriage and our home. Lord I pray for wisdom and patience when making decisions. Lord I ask that you continue to Bless my husband, my children, and my grandbaby. Thank you for blessing my homecare agency Abundance of Love Homecare Solutions to be successful and prosperous in this new year and beyond…

  19. Pauline Long

    I pray that God will continue to draw me closer to Him and that I continue to be able to distinguish his voice from that of the enemy. I pray that my husband not only continues to walk with Christ but that he has the discipline to make spending time with Him a daily event. I pray that my children accept Christ as their savior and allow him to lead, guide, and direct them through life. I pray that they serve as a light to every person they meet. I pray that my business, MedsPLUS Consulting, continue to thrive. I pray that because of my obedience and the leap of faith that I took in March 2021 when I left my full time job, the entire trajectory of my family’s future has changed. I pray that God not only provides but that He gives us supernatural increase! I WILL NOT sit idly by while God’s best passes me by. I am diligent, disciplined, and focused to go after everything God has for me and I will not allow fear of failure stop me.

  20. Falon Wright

    God I pray over the next 21 days that I will grow closer to you. I ask for your guidance and protection as I move forward and Got For this promotion. I’m believing for supernatural blessings when it comes to my business in your name I pray. Amen

  21. s. Tatum

    Father God In The Name Of Jesus, I’m praying for a lot of things. I need you MORE THAN EVER! First, help me to seek you MORE First IN ALL THINGS!…even when I’m weary. Father I ask in Jesus name that you will have all charges dropped in my husband case and that he will get time served and come home to our family. Lord I as that you please reunite my family. i need my husband/ helpmate and our daughter misses and needs he dad so much )o: Lord I ask that you restore what has been lost, you continue to be at the center of our marriage, build a closer and stronger relationship. help me to be a better reflection of Your Love. Keep my family healthy, safe and protected with your MIGHTY POWERFUL BLOOD OF JESUS! Bless our family to be homeowners and debt free, promotion and me going back to school to get my masters. In Jesus Mighty Powerful Name Amen!!

  22. Seritta Sade

    TWCC family please pray in agreement with me that I will seek first the kingdom of God all year long. I would like to launch a publication and subscription service to ignite a passion for reading and writing in youth. Words are powerful. May my words and creativity bring glory to our King as I go for it in 2022!

  23. Jo Gamble

    Lord I pray for my family, friends and I to have a closer relationship with you. I pray for healing for all areas of our lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially. These things I pray in the name of Jesus Amen &Amen

  24. Brian Hawkins

    Good afternoon Bishop? I was really inspired after today’s message that you preached. I want to request a prayer for my new business (Hawkins Designs And Apparel LLC) which is a online Christian merch company that I just started. I keep finding ways to upgrade but I think my time is now. I don’t want the opportunity to pass me by. I need prayer for my finances and for my wife and kids also. Amen

  25. Brian Hawkins

    Good afternoon Bishop? I was really inspired after today’s message that you preached. I want to request a prayer for my new business (Hawkins Designs And Apparel LLC) which is a online Christian merch company that I just started. I keep finding ways to upgrade but I think my time is now. I don’t want the opportunity to pass me by. I need prayer for my finances and for my wife and kids also.

  26. Rhonda Thomas

    My prayer is for my daughter to be healed from depression. That my daughter and I build a strong relationship with God. I also, pray for divine connections right relationships for my daughter and I. Pray for us to move into a new home and that i start doing what God has called me to do my purpose.

  27. Maurita D. Brown-Ward

    Father GOD, Holy GOD of Israel, please hear my prayer and grant me this petition. Father, I wrote my book and it was published in MAY 2011. The book was not promoted like promised by the publishers. I claimed this book would be a national best seller when I wrote it. There are three stories in my book that I believe could be Academy Award winning movies. Father, I am asking you to show me the way, how, when and where to place the manuscript in the right hands that will lead to the success of my book. Father give me ideas as to how to end the “cliff hanger” in one story, and story lines and titles to write other national best selling books. I can only succeed if you lead. All the GLORY and the CREDIT and the HONOR and the highest PRAISE goes to you, because I know you will do the work for the success of my book. FATHER, I thank you in advance for this direction, this leading, this opportunity and these accomplishments. I will tell of your good works and your favor and BLESSINGS everywhere you send me. In JESUS NAME AMEN AND AMEN AGAIN..THANK YOU FATHER GOD!!!

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