Growth Track is TWC’s way of helping you discover God’s plan for your life and creating opportunities for you to use your gift(s) to make a difference in the lives of others. Growth Track is offered right here, online, for your convenience. Simply click the button below to get started. Take each of the four sessions in the comfort of your own home. Each week, a new session will be sent to your inbox. Being a part of Growth Track will help you know more about God, provide information about our ministry, help you discover your purpose and show you how you can make a difference.

Come “grow” with us and get on “track” with God’s plan for your life.

Week 1

Learn how TWC plays a major role in your spiritual journey and how to connect with our church.

Week 2

Understand how God designed you, discover your gifts, and find out how you fit into God’s plan.

Week 3

See how God defines leadership and learn how to embrace and fulfill your leadership potential.

Week 4

Begin to live out your purpose by using your God-given gift(s) to serve others.

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