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We, as believers, have the solution to the world’s problems. His name is Jesus. But if we don’t share it, the One who has the power to radically transform us all will never be made known to a world that so desperately needs Him. For this reason, TWC is re-introducing iWon1. iWon1 is a campaign designed to exemplify our responsibility as believers to win souls to Christ. This year, our goal is to win 1000 souls!

Here’s how you can be a part of iWon1:

  • Complete the Prayer Card. Allow us to join you in praying for the person(s) you know who needs Jesus in their life.

  • Download the TWC Inviter Card. Give (print or email) this card to family and friends and invite them to worship with you at TWC. For those who do not live in driving distance, invite them to worship through our online campus.

  • Join us for Breakthrough Prayer. We will continue to cover your loved one in prayer and believe that God will break through any barriers that are keeping your loved one from salvation and transformation.

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