Financial Conference

Literacy & Empowerment

The conference will begin immediately following our Saturday morning prayer.

Onsite registration will be available for Adults Only.

Money Management
Receive information on how to enhance financial skills and foster financial health and stability. Access different views of money, your spending habits, and what your next financial steps are.

Small Business /Entrepreneurship
Obtain information on the local financial and educational resources available to entrepreneurs that will assist you with increasing your capacity, access capital, and customer base.

Credit Wise
Learn what credit and credit reports are and why they are important.  Get a grasp on how they affect your finances and how you can maintain and improve your credit score.

Understanding Taxes
Get basic information regarding personal taxes, the importance and benefits of filing taxes, and the pitfalls that result in not filing personal taxes.

Investment Planning
Obtain keys to financial planning and retirement that will equip individuals and families to prepare for their future by understanding the fundamentals of investing. Tips will include information on basics of investing (401-K plans and other employer based plans, life insurance, etc.) as well as where to invest.

Learn the tools needed for homeownership readiness, affordability, types of properties available, and financing.

Financial Recovery
Assess your current financial situation and identify how to increase your income while decreasing expenses.  Learn how to prioritize expenses and develop a financial recovery plan.

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