Why do Life as a Couple?

We were skeptical about joining a Life group. We weren’t really sure what it was all about when initially asked to participate 3 years ago. The 13 weeks were definitely difficult for us to make each week with work, and our children’s schedules however, we decided to make the sacrifice. Each week allowed us to dig deep within ourselves and discover strongholds we weren’t even aware existed. During this time we were able to peel the layers off from years of bondage. This intimate setting offered a transparency that allowed us to work through our obstacles with like minded individuals without fear of judgement. We often tell participants you get out of Life what you put into it. Small groups make the larger church feel smaller when you build relationships. We have been members of TWC since 2008 and this level of growth didn’t take place until we said yes in 2015 to join a Life small group. Our marriage and our relationship with our children, our family, friends, and on our jobs have been richly blessed throughout this process. You will be blessed beyond measure and discover what it really means to Live in Freedom Everyday(LIFE)!