Welcome to the TWC family! We want you to know that at TWC you are loved and accepted. We know you are not perfect and we want you to know that we are not either, but together, we can become more like Christ. Learn more about us and watch this special video. Again, welcome to the family.


Following Jesus is the most important decision we will ever make. While believing in Jesus secures our salvation, we are often left with questions about our next step. Allow this page to be your guide. Here you will find helpful messages about knowing God, finding freedom, discovering your purpose, making a difference and more.


Many people say that they don’t feel ready to get baptized, but there is one thing you must remember: You don’t need to be clean already. God will do the cleansing. He is simply looking for a willing heart who will say yes and trust in Him.


Growth Track is designed to lead you through a step-by-step process of growth and leadership. Through 101, 201, 301 & 401, you will find simple steps to grow closer to God and live out the plan He has for your life.


All of us were created by God to make a difference. God has a place for you where your unique abilities and passions can touch the lives of others. Allow your purpose to be fulfilled by becoming a part of our Dream Team.

Formerly the Leadership Development Process, this is for anyone who wants to grow in their leadership abilities, or who is interested in being engaged in TWC Ministry at a higher level. Whether you’re new to TWC, or if you’ve been a part of the Dream Team for a while, TWC Leadership Academy will help you continue to grow in influence and potential.