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‘At The Movies’
Family Worship Experience

We believe one of the greatest things you can do this Summer with your kiddos is to create life-long positive memories that will ultimately shape the person that they will become!

One of our TWC Kids Core Values is: We Will Connect The Family! That being said, we are setting the stage for you to create a fantastic family memory this Sunday!

We are extremely excited to be ending our Summer ‘At The Movies’ series with an amazing family worship experience, where your kids get to experience worship with you!

So grab your popcorn, candy, and your lemonade…and we will see you and your kiddos, in the main auditorium, for LEGO BATMAN!

atm lego batman

“At The Movies” Family Worship Service
Sunday, July 1, 2018

*There will not be normal TWC Kids Services,
you are encouraged to worship as a family in the main auditorium