What gift would you present to a king? The wise men knew. As they approached baby Jesus, they bowed to worship Him. Listen as this message unveils the importance, significance, and power of worship. For it is the one true Gift Fit For A King.

Childhood dreams of being doctors, school teachers, and firefighters once flooded our minds. As children, we dreamed we would one day change the world. But what happened to that dream? This series will reignite the fire in you! It will remind you that with hard work and determination, dreams still do come true.

Someone once said, “Our intentions create our reality.” In this series, you will be challenged to live life on purpose. Coincidences cannot be the norm. This seven message series will lead you to a life that is impactful, influential, and God-centered.

Financial freedom is the heartfelt desire of many, but to many, attainment seems lofty. What do you do when bills are excessive, retirement is an afterthought, and saving is only a dream? This four-part series can be used as a guide to place you on the road to freedom and prosperity.

Does today’s church resemble Jesus? Walk with Pastor Van through this series that studies the characteristics of God’s church. Not the building, but you and I. Get ready to have your thoughts, words, and actions examined as we become what He intends for us to be.

Our lives yield a series of experiences which we are often unprepared for. Having the right perspective as we approach the detours, sharp turns, and rough terrain each day is imperative. Allow this series from Pastor Van to help you properly maneuver through this journey called life.

Have you ever felt like, “There’s got to be more”? In John 10:10 Jesus tells us, “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” What an amazing gift! The gift of life. This series will reveal the “more” in life you have longed for.

This series unveils the purpose and power of prayer. It teaches the simplicity of communicating with the Father and dissects the Lord’s Prayer to reveal its truth of being a model of prayer we are to follow.