At the heart of The Worship Center is the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. One way we achieve this goal is by building community through Small Groups. TWC Small Groups bring people together to laugh, learn, share, and grow. Jesus modeled small groups. When His earthly ministry began, He called 12 disciples to be His primary relational and ministry community. They built meaningful relationships through small groups, and we believe you will too.

Why Should I Host A Small Group?

Hosting a small group is probably one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do. If you love God and people, small group leadership is for you. Small groups give people who enjoy caring for people a platform to exercise the gifts God has placed inside them. In fact, every summer we end our small group semester with an annual SERVE Day; this gives every small group an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and make a difference in our community in various ways. Hosting a small group is such a great opportunity to grow as a leader and person, in general. We would love for you to attend a small group training to get any questions you may have answered.

Why Should I Join A Small Group?

We can never have too many healthy connections. Small groups provide avenues to form and maintain godly relationships. Overwhelmingly, the number one reported benefit of joining a small group is the meaningful relationships that are formed over time. Joining small groups also provide opportunities for you to invest time doing or studying something that you’ve desired to do, but never quite got to on your own. When joining others in doing something, you’re more likely to keep it up. Also, joining a small group is an investment you need to make in yourself. You deserve to join a small group!

Are there prerequisites to becoming a small group leader at TWC?

Yes. In order to host a TWC small group, you must:

  1. be a member of The Worship Center

  2. complete the Growth Track, or be in the process of completing it.

  3. complete small group leadership training (one session only)

Explain the difference between annual, seasonal, free market, and spiritual growth campaign? 

Each year, we offer several small groups which small group leaders decide to lead. Additionally, we always offer a free market system for small groups which means you can lead a small group around any life-giving activity or topic that interests you. It’s very flexible! Small groups can be offered every single day of the week at every time imaginable. While we are a free market small groups church, we also have annual spiritual growth campaign seasons that lasts 13 weeks. In these designated growth seasons, we encourage all small group leaders to offer their group based on the same curriculum. The benefit for everyone is that for one season a year, everyone is learning and practicing the same thing. This gives everyone an opportunity to grow in the same area altogether! But again, you always have the option to lead your group around a topic or activity that is on your heart each semester.

What Type of Small Groups Does TWC Offer?

TWC offers every kind of group you can imagine from semester to semester. We have groups that have focused on basketball, golfing, eating and touring restaurants, healthy cooking, motorcycles, natural hair care, etc. We also offer book studies, financial empowerment/literacy groups, grief support, marriage groups, groups geared toward singles, and so much more! And if there isn’t a group that suits your interests, you can start one yourself.


When Are Small Groups Offered?

We offer three semesters each year: two 13 week semesters (Fall and Winter/Spring) along with one summer semester that lasts 6 weeks (June-July) ending with our annual SERVE Day.

What Is Small Group Leadership Training? When Is It Offered? What Should I Expect If I Attend?

Small Group Leadership Training is offered the 4th Sunday of every month. Small group leadership training is a great way for you to see what small group culture looks like at TWC.  It’s a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get connected! Attending small group leadership training is not a commitment to lead, but instead an opportunity to learn more about our Biblical view on community at TWC. We want you equipped and empowered to do whatever God is calling you to do. And you only have to complete this training once!

Where Can I Host My Small Group?