Relationship Conference

Friday, February 15th

6:30 PM - Registration/Conference
9:00 PM - After Party with Comedian Marcus Wiley

Saturday, February 16th

Breakfast - 8:00 AM
Conference - 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

This conference is designed to provide you with the tools you need to thrive before, during, and after the relationship.

So regardless of your current relationship status, this conference is for you.


Wayne Chaney

Demetria Stallings

Warryn Campbell

Myesha Chaney

Erica Campbell

Special Guest Comedian

Marcus Wiley

Register Here

$55 per Individual or $110 per Couple

Cost includes conference registration, after party, dessert & refreshment options, breakfast and lunch.

Food will not be provided prior to the start of Friday's events.
However, there will be FOOD TRUCKS available beginning at 5:30.

General Sessions

My Relationship with Myself (BeingYour Best YOU)

How do you see yourself?  Is your view based upon the expressed expectations of others or what you think others feel about you?  Discover how a healthy relationship with you, based in reality, truth and self-love can be the essential component to a satisfying and fulfilled BEST YOU.  

My Relationship with Laughter

Laugh, Laugh and Laugh some more!  No matter your relational status, laughter helps you relax and understand the importance of not taking yourself so seriously.  Join us and enjoy a time of Laughter that encourages you to enjoy life’s moments.  We wish you lots of Laughter and Love

My Relationship with the Baggage of My Life

Issues … we’ve all had them and some of us still do. How do these unresolved issues become the weight that impacts and in some cases hinder us from developing healthy and meaningful relationships with others?  This session explores the necessity and freedom of unpacking the bags of our past!

Fierce Honesty, Intimacy and Love

Relational interaction may often be bold and at times, we dare say intense.  This session is designed to face that intensity head on and explore healthy ways of dealing with truth while maintaining the love of God grounded in Him and informing our relationships with others.

Breakout Sessions

His Needs (Man’s World)

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? Why is it so difficult to express my needs or get others to understand? Do I even understand what they are? Join the guys as we engage in honest and open discussion of what’s at the core of our needs and learn how to effectively communicate that to others.

Her Needs (Natural Woman)

There’s more to me than meets the eye. Physical attractiveness and sex appeal does not define my created purpose or tap into my deeper needs. Learn how to discover your needs and effective ways to communicate these needs to others.

Living Life Successfully Single But Not in Solitary

Being Single and Saved has never meant doing life alone. This session goes beyond the surface of what it is to “be” single and unveils the power in “living” a single and fulfilled life. Session participants are challenged to be purposeful in enjoying their singleness while being intentional in connecting with others who share in the pursuit of finding contentment in loving God and loving the beauty and uniqueness of one’s self.

My Relationship with Myself (BeingYour Best YOU)

Intimacy may also be described as “in to me see”. As couples unite in love, developing a healthy submission to God and each other, they will learn how to celebrate the joys in their marriage bond and explore the deeper levels of connecting Emotionally, Spiritually and Sexually. This session will highlight the Art and Oneness in “being” married.

Parenting on Purpose

No matter the make-up of your family, natural or blended, all parents seek to provide for and nurture their children to be their best!  This session is designed to explore proven practices of building Kingdom kids in this and the generations to come.

My Relationship with My Wallet

Walk in the financial freedom God has intended for you.  Learn practical tips of Gods plan for managing your personal finances; what to do with the 90 when I’ve given God the 10.


Wayne & Myesha Chaney

Demetria Stallings

Warryn & Erica Campbell

Marcus Wiley