What’s your favorite TWC memory? Maybe caravanning from Roebuck Parkway to Derby Parkway for the opening of our new campus? Greeting new faces each week at Anniston Middle School? Kingdom Summit? Team huddles at the church office off of Oxmoor Road? The LIFE or Be Free Retreat? No matter what your fondest memory is your TWC family wants to walk down memory lane with you.

Share Your Most Affectionate TWC Memory Here!


  1. Anthony Tate

    My most memorable moment at TWC was having my family witness my baptism on 4/23/17 at The Bessemer Campus. ✝️

    An later afterwards receiving my “I plunged T-shirt” as a token for my lifetime memory!

    Although there surly has been many, this one will always be my treasure



    • Lisa Young

      My favorite memory in my faith journey at TWC was being part of the Be Free small group series. It impacted really my faith walk!

  2. JFleming

    One of my many favorite TWC memories is witnessing the Easter Service at the Boutwell Auditorium where 86 individuals gave their lives to Christ on that one Sunday. I think the call was to “follow the yellow brick road” to the altar and that they did. It was beautiful and so memorable.

    • Imorgene Johnson

      My favorite memories were working growth track with precious Arlene n my daughter Tammie Clark.n eating those anointed grits. N most of sitting under the awesome anointed teachings at tw

  3. JFleming

    Another favorite memory was having the Mime Ministry on Sundays. My then toddler would always get so excited and yell “clowns!!!”, “Mom, look at the clowns!”.

  4. Tamika Brown

    My favorite TWC memory was our Saturday morning prayers we use to have on the Parkway.

  5. April Byers

    There are a lot of great memories, but the one that I reflect back to is the series Art of the Tabernacle.

  6. Kecia

    There are so many great memories but one of my favorite was being able to travel to Kenya for the Missions trip in 2013.

  7. TJ Williams

    One of my most memorable moments was our service at the Boutwell Auditorium where Pas delivered a message titled, “I’m in Love with a Stripper.” There was standing room only! Numerous young people joined the ministry after hearing the message.

  8. Arlene Henderson

    I can’t limit my 15 years as a member to just one memory. I know that God led my family and me to TWC for a Total Life Change. I thought I relocated to Birmingham for a job opportunity, but God had so much more in store for us. Thank you, TWC, for being a birthing place for healing and growth. Happy 18th Anniversary!

  9. Roderick Henderson

    My favorite TWC memory is when Bishop has panel discussions with different guests. It allows open dialogue and gives various perspectives on the topic.

  10. Aaron Lewis

    My favorite TWC Memory is when we transitioned from Pelham High School to the Bessemer Campus! To witness that move blew my mind! To see a church come together and build in a temporary location with the end result to be at a permanent place that was our own! May I add, the Pelham High School days were a blessed era and the blessing are still with TWC today!
    Happy Birthday TWC!

    • Gregory Rickett

      My Favorite, memory came on my first visit 14years ago I felt so welcome and the church was full of Gods presence I never stopped going

  11. Emmaus Davis

    One of my favorite moments was back in Roebuck when we had Kidz Kamp during the summer we’ll go outside and have a water ballon fight those were best times.

  12. Bessemer Campus

    When I first visited the church, Bishop spoke to me in the parking lot and I didn’t know that he was the pastor. Great love and beautiful welcome at my first time coming to the church.

  13. Glenda Johnson

    After 2 years of “courting” TWC, my sister and I officially joined in January 2020. Two months later we were sent to the wilderness because of COVID

  14. Matthew Basantes

    Be Free/Life in August – November 2023; Believe series in 2023

  15. Thomas Creer

    •Sunday sermons that are awesome; the Praise Team!!!

  16. Deborah Elder

    Time at Pelham High School: My family and I joined after seeing our children engaged and excited about attending church. Our 10 year old daughter was taking notes of Pas’ message. I knew then this was where we needed to be. TWC is now legacy for my family as we welcome the next generation.

  17. Bessemer Campus - Member

    Writing our favorite scriptures on the pulpit floor at the Bessemer campus before it opened

  18. Vera Blackmon

    I remember coming to Bible Study with a friend. And I knew this was where God was leading me. Never looked back.

  19. The Bailey Family

    I was searching for a church home after moving from Louisiana. I needed a place to continue my spiritual growth and financial knowledge. I visited once in 2015 and have been coming ever since. My children have also learned financial literacy.

  20. Bessemer Campus - Member

    Before COVID, we ministered to the residents at North Birmingham Nursing Home once a month on a Saturday. My memories of those days provided a meaningful fellowship with other TWC members. It also brought me and the residents of the home lots of joy. Six years later, my husband became a resident at the same place for a short period of time. Full circle!

  21. Renee Johnson

    Attending Growth Track to become a member and part of the Dream Team in 2017 after losing my mom and brother 4 days apart from each other. I had been attending a year before all of this. And, getting baptized after attending LIFE small group.

  22. Adrianne Eldridge

    My son Christian was born and raised here at the Bessemer campus. He’s 11 now.

  23. Christian Elderidge

    I was baptized July 27, 2023.

  24. Cannice Tynch

    I remember when I first visited TWC and I fell in love with the church and have been loving it here ever since. We have an awesome Bishop, teacher and pastor.

  25. Current Bessemer Campus Member

    The day my husband and I joined the church when were still in Pelham High School. We walked upfront and then ran back down the aisle like we were on the Price Is Right! We knew that we were home.

  26. Bessemer Campus -

    When I joined and TRULY began to understand Jesus and his love for me. I am glad that I was obedient to the Holy Spirit and followed my husband.

  27. Bessemer Campus - Member

    My first Sunday at TWC—Easter Sunday at Pelham High School. I knew that day that this would be my church home.

  28. Christina S.

    When I joined the church 5 years ago—the best experience of my life. This is a beautiful church.

  29. Bessemer Campus Family

    Our favorite memory was when we left Pelham High School and started the Bessemer campus. My husband and I unpacked chairs and wrote our names on the floor before the carpet was put down. Love the people that we are still doing life with.

  30. Bessemer Campus - Member

    There are so many fond memories of TWC and to share one is hard. I remember the church picnics, the jazz nights, the Bible Study nights. The most impactful to me was the LIFE small group. Being a part of this has allowed me to be free, living a free life.

  31. Bessemer Campus - Member

    When I joined and TRULY began to understand Jesus and his love for me. I am glad that I was obedient to the Holy Spirit and followed my husband.

  32. Lynn Cowan

    What’s my favorite TWC memory?
    I’d have to add an (s) to memory. I can’t share all my favorite memories so I’d like to share a few.
    One memory I’d like to share is a quote from Bishop Vann. He said “Experience teaches after you make the mistake, but wisdom teaches how not to make the mistake.” Another is, Bishop Vann, gathered everyone that served to a meeting at the Bessemer campus and explained the difference between horizontal worship (about us) and vertical worship (all about God) from then on, our worship services have been vertical worship, all about God. The last is a New Years Eve service at Roebuck Parkway campus. All the lights went out, from an accident on the Parkway. Bishop Vann did not miss a beat. He asked a Deacon(s) to get a flashlight(s) and he continued to preach even in the darkness.
    1. The “wisdom quote” says to me, I know the outcome to every decision you’ll make, even before you make it. So before you make them, let’s have that conversation.
    2. Vertical Worship, it’s all about God, not about You this time.
    3. The lights out experience taught me that when life throws you a curve ball, take out your Bat of Faith and hit a home run. Never give up on God, because he won’t give up on you.


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