At the heart of The Worship Center is the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. One way we achieve this goal is by building community through Small Groups. TWC Small Groups bring people together to laugh, learn, share, and grow. Jesus modeled small groups. When His earthly ministry began, He called 12 disciples to be His primary relational and ministry community. They built meaningful relationships through small groups and we believe you will too.


Fall Semester – Begins August 13, 2023

Be Free Retreat – November 3-4
(Bessemer Campus)

*The Be Free small group requires purchase of the Be Free curriculum which includes a printed participant book for $40 or the $20 digital version. The small group concludes with an amazing 2 day retreat! The retreat will include a Be Free T-shirt, bracelet, dinner on Friday and breakfast and lunch on Saturday. The cost for the retreat will be $75.00. Some scholarships may be available. In order to receive the full experience this small group requires 50/50 participation meaning weekly attendance for each session plus retreat attendance.*

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Staying Alive



Go For It!

Get Closer

Race, Truth, & Reconciliation

What Is God Doing?

Total Life Change

Desired By God

The I-Factor

Grief Share

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Alethia Hall

Alethia Hall

Why join a Small Group?

James & Terri Coleman

James & Terri Coleman

Why do Be Free as a Couple?

My desire has been to become a homeowner, and I knew that God would help me to become that. However, my journey didn’t go as quickly or smoothly as I thought. My path to home ownership started with me crying in the parking lot of my job, after being denied for a pre-approval. I asked God why wasn’t I approved and God spoke to me and said, “It’s not your faith. You have great faith, but you have not done what I’ve asked you to do.” How could I ask for a home, yet not be a good steward over my apartment and current finances?

A week later, I joined Ready For Zero, a small group led by Vanessa Hubbard and Vanessa Davis. This group challenged me to be transparent and intentional with my finances. I learned to budget, to eliminate NSF fees, to save, and paid 7 items off of my credit report. Two years later, I still believed that God would give us the house He promised, and prayed for wisdom, counsel, and free home ownership education. That prayer was answered in 2017 with Brendessa Withers, Tara Dorsey, Cotina Mayes and their Home Ownership small group. These ladies were full of information about real estate, loans, and the entire process of becoming a home owner. They went above and beyond to ensure we understood the steps and the process that was to come.

The small group ended 8 months ago, and I am so blessed to say, that my son and I are officially home owners!!! My son still is amazed, and I am forever grateful that God uses His word and His people to remind us of His faithfulness.

I have been blessed in the small group for homeownership and fixing your credit by Cotina Mayes. Now I understand how to read my credit report and how to have items updated on my credit report. I also understand the different types of homeownership loans available to me. I appreciate Cotina spending her time with me on Saturdays after a long work week. My credit scores are increasing and now I have an estimate on how much money to save for my first home.  


The Prayer Closet has blessed my life more than I can put into words, but I will definitely try!

More than anything it has strengthened my relationship with Christ. The weekly sessions allowed me to be vulnerable with others as well as connect with them during their walk with God.

Our weekly readings allowed me to meditate on specific verses and spend time dissecting them so that I could focus on what God was truly saying in them and most importantly, saying to me.

One thing Demarla encouraged us to do is have daily quiet time with God. During that time we could pray quietly, out loud or just sit in silence, whichever we felt most comfortable doing. Doing this daily has allowed me to take a moment and just be still. To absorb and feel His presence and to allow it to move through me.

All of this has allowed me to be more confident in my prayers. I’ve always felt like I wasn’t “good” at praying. But if anything, the Prayer Closet has taught me that God doesn’t judge or grade your prayers. All He wants is a constant conversation with us and for us to bring Him all of our worries and cares.

During my time in the Prayer Closet I have had a successful pregnancy and now have a healthy 15 month old who is the youngest member! The ladies prayers for me during the entire 9 months meant more to me than I can explain. Along with that they prayed as I returned to work and adjusted to my new routine.

One of my constant prayer requests throughout the Prayer Closet was my family’s financial situation. Babies are expensive! Just recently I was offered a promotion that came with an increase! I know that the ladies praying for me and just encouraging me definitely had a hand in God’s movement in my life.

The friendships and bonds created through the Prayer Closet are ones that I will always have. And how awesome is it to have a team of people sending up prayer requests on your behalf! We interceded in a way that wouldn’t be possible without the love and bond we have for each other.

I’m grateful for Demarla and her vision to create this group. It has blessed us all beyond measure and we look forward to how it will continue to grow us in our walk with God.

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