Bishop Announces NEW Re-Opening Date!

What To Expect When You Return!

What are the new service times?

8:00am @ Bessemer Campus
10:00am at Derby Campus (CST)

Will the Anniston Campus reopen?

No. A new location for Anniston is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Are the Online Campus service times changing?

Yes. Our Online Campus service times are 8:00am & 10:00am (CST).

Will the Online Campus service experience be the same as the In-Person service experience?


Are vaccinations required for attendance?

Vaccinations will not be required for those attending in person services.

Are masks required to attend service?

Masks will be required.

Is there a capacity for services?

350 is our max capacity. We only increased the numbers to address those that would register and not show up.

What happens if I do not pass the screenings process?

Information will be provided, and they will be encouraged to attend our digital experience.

Will TWC Kids and Fuzion Youth be available? Will I have to register my kids separately?

Yes, we will have both youth and kids’ services at a limited capacity and registration is required and can be done along with adult registrations. (Ages 6 months and older)

What happens if I lose my registration confirmation for TWC Kids or Fuzion Youth?

There will be a list available onsite to confirm registration. 

What time will the doors open?

30 minutes before the selected service time. 

Will there be assigned seating?

No assigned seating, however there will be social distanced seating.

Will Dream Team Central be available?

DT Central Temporarily Closed  

Will HeBrews Cafe be available?

Hebrews will be temporarily closed  

Will restrooms be available? If so, will there be a capacity limit?

Restrooms are available. Restrooms are open to the capacity of the available stalls.  

Will Baptism be available?

Yes baptism will be available.  However, baptism will begin onsite every 4th Sunday @ every campus starting on  Dec.1, 2021. 

How can I stay connected if I choose to remain a part of the online campus?

We will want to stay connected to you.  We will continue to offer online services but we also want you to join our online campus. Please see click here for more information.

Will weddings, funerals, etc be hosted now that we have in person services?

Yes. These services will be offered starting Nov.15 at a limited capacity of 150 people. Please click here for more information.  

Who should I contact if I have problems registering?

Will water fountains be accessible?

Not at this time.

If TWC Kids and/ Fuzion Youth are full, can I bring my child into the sanctuary?

Yes. If they are lap children you do not need to register your child to bring them inside the sanctuary, but if your child needs their own chair, you must register them.

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