Over the years it has been asked, “Do you eat to live or live to eat?” Although we find humor in those moments, Bishop Moody is now asking a more prevalent question, “Are You Committed to STAYING ALIVE?

While scripture teaches us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, popular food delivery apps make it easy to fill our temples with processed foods that are quick and convenient. Do our food choices impact God’s plan for our lives? Yes. The enemy knows the primary tool required for Kingdom impact is wellness which is why pills, injections, and unnecessary procedures are so readily accessible yet unreliable. The greatest health and wellness plan was created by our Creator. It leads to our best life! While it is the oldest and only plan designed for all body types and covered by all health insurance carriers, will you follow it?

How committed are you to STAYING ALIVE?


The purpose of this challenge is to challenge you to ditch some unhealthy nutrition habits to kickstart a healthier, more abundant lifestyle (and to keep you on track for amazing, fitness results)! We are here to walk alongside you during this 90-day journey. Simply complete the following steps to get started. We are committed to helping you live a healthier life.


Complete the Staying Alive 90 Day Challenge Commitment Form.


A pre-screening is necessary to be a part of the 90-Day Challenge. You can participate in a Health Screening on Sunday, February 5th at the Derby Campus or Sunday, February 12th at the Bessemer Campus.

Click the button below to schedule your appointment.


Participate in a Post-Screening Evaluation at the end of 90 days. Health Screenings will take place quarterly at TWC campuses. You will notified of the next health screening dates.

If you can’t attend a Pre and Post Screening at TWC, these are the items being screened:

  • BMI

  • Blood Pressure

  • A1C

  • Cholesterol

  • Height

  • Weight


There is no doubt that you will experience positive results from this 90 Day Challenge. But don’t keep it to yourself. At the bottom of this page, share your success story with others so they will be encouraged to accept the challenge to living a healthier life!

The 90 Day Challenge Starts Monday, February 13!


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