“Following this daily devotional will radically touch your heart and bring you closer to God than ever before. Just like physical soap, this devotional method will wash you spiritually and transform your heart. This is the devotional method that I have practiced for years – taught to me by my mentor – and it’s the devotional method I lay out in The Secret Place.”
– Van Moody

The Secret Place


If you’ve ever wondered if you can intimately know God the way the great men and women of the faith did, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Bishop Van Moody understands that none of us have within ourselves what it takes to truly know Him, so he’s crafted The Secret Place, Bundle: A Devotional and a Journal for Encountering God, to show the way. Order your bundle today!

BOOK 1 of The Secret Place is full of devotional content to inspire and to get you thinking. This multi-faceted resource includes a year-long Scripture reading plan, in-depth devotional content to guide, inspire and encourage, as well as a method to achieve long-term success that is learned through wisdom—not consequences.

The devotional method in The Secret Place is based on Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer (SOAP).

SCRIPTURE – Each day, as you do your daily Bible reading, there will be a verse or a few verses that will grab your heart. Write the verse or verses that spoke to you during your reading.

OBSERVATION – Write down what the context of the Scripture is. What is happening? Who is it happening to? Why is it happening? This is just your general observation of what is taking place in the verse or verses.

APPLICATION – How does the Scripture apply to what is happening to you or in your environment currently? This is where you write down what the verse or verses mean to you, what you hear God saying to you through the Scriptures.

PRAYER – Write a prayer to God based on what you just learned and ask Him to help you apply this truth in your life.

This devotional will lead you to unlock the secrets of finding success in areas such as forgiveness, healing, employment, decision-making, overcoming fear and anxiety, and more.

BOOK 2 provides 365 daily readings crafted with practical application questions and space for you to reflect on the insights and principles glean from your time with the Lord. In this volume, you can record your thoughts, prayers, and longings.

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