There’s nothing like connecting with likeminded women who have an insatiable desire to learn, share, and grow.

There’s nothing like feeling secure in an environment where women can be heard, express their challenges, and release their emotions without judgment.

There’s nothing like building an authentic sisterhood where a listening ear is available and a shoulder to lean on is never far away.

There’s nothing like…TRANSFORMHer!

The place where women gather for Small Groups, Festive Events, Community Service, or just to step away from the hustle and bustle of life. The place where women come to be transformed into everything God created them to be.

Welcome to TRANSFORMHer!


TRANSFORMher Women’s Ministry is taking over the Birmingham Premiere LUX Theatre (Homewood) on Friday, December 29th at 6:00pm!!! We will enjoy a special viewing of The Color Purple (2023) in our own private theatre. Cost is only $10/person. Register Now Ladies and get ready to sit back, laugh, and cry as we enjoy the movie Oprah describes as “The National Anthem for Women’s Empowerment.”

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