In March 2006, Pastor Van, his wife, Dr. Ty, and eighteen believers opened their hearts to a vision from God. In a small, rented banquet hall in downtown Birmingham, The Worship Center came to life. This nontraditional, multicultural ministry grew quickly and has launched additional campuses throughout Alabama to spread the message of Jesus Christ. Since the inception of the ministry, the desire to impact the lives of the unsaved and unchurched has remained consistent.


(The Vision – Why We Exist As A Church)

We are the


Our Goal is to

Honor God

Unify Communities

Build People


(The Mission – How We Will Accomplish Our Goal)

We will help people

Know God

through weekend services

Find Freedom

through Small Groups

Discover Their Purpose

through Growth Track

Make A Difference

by serving on the Dream Team


(The Values That Direct Everything We Do)

Lost Focused

We will do anything short of sin to reach the lost and unchurched.


We will operate and lead out of the overflow of what God has done in us. Life change has to happen in us before we can lead others to it.


Everything we do will be rooted in and pointed back to the truth. The truth is a person, and His name is Jesus.

Celebrate and Embrace Diversity

We will build a church that looks like heaven by embracing and celebrating people from all ages, races, sexes, backgrounds, economic standing, and any other perceived differences.

Love God

In all our ways we will display a love for God and a vibrant, healthy relationship with Him.

Love People

In all our ways we will display a love for other people, the same unconditional love that God has for all people.


In all our ways we will strive for a spirit of excellence, to give our best at every endeavor as an act of worship to the Lord.

Have Fun

In all our ways we will enjoy the moment, celebrate the life and the opportunity that God has allowed us to have as an act of thanksgiving and worship to the Lord. Church should be fun because we have the best news to share with everyone.

About Us

Make A Difference



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